Precision Agriculture

Aegis Consulting has partnered with experts in USA and Europe in promoting Precision Farming or Precision Agriculture solutions to India. Precision Agriculture is generally defined as information technology based farm management system to identify, analyse and manage special and temporal variability within fields for optimum productivity, sustainability and profitability. This also helps in protection of land resource by minimizing the production costs, increasing environmental consciousness of the farmers and public. These agriculture management practices help’s in conservation of natural resources like water, air, soil and soil quality while staying economically profitable. It also carefully manages the use of inputs like chemical fertilizer and pesticides based on right quantity as needed for the crop and the soil. The productivity gain in global food supply have increasingly relied on expansion of irrigation schemes in the recent times. Global competition in agriculture products is challenging economic viability of the traditional agriculture systems and requires development of new and innovative systems. A synchronous, global shutter drone sensor with four bands and an RGB camera for the ultimate in multispectral accuracy

Flying Agriculture drones is new to India, but popular in USA and Europe. It has been proven that precision data collection by using multiple sensors for specific activity on the same flight is the game changer. We need to get regulatory approvals from DGCA and Government.

We will use the world’s best drones with a multispectral sensor. It captures both visible and invisible images, providing calibrated data to optimally monitor the health and vigor of your crops. Sensor captures calibrated wavelength, Green, Red, Red-Edge and Near Infrared to highlight the health of plants.