Defects at Birth, Deficiencies, Diseases specific to childhood and Developmental delays including disabilities, “4Ds”, can either lead to untimely death of a child or a survival with poor developmental outcomes. Such long lasting adverse health outcomes can be addressed only through early screening and timely intervention and management. Extending preventive and promotive health as an approach for selected health conditions along with provision of free curative management, will help the marginalized and underprivileged population by reducing their out of pocket expenditure thereby influencing public health expenditure. This, in the long run, will improve the quality of our National human resource pool. Keeping this in view, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, introduced “Child Health Screening and Early Intervention Services” as Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) under the National Health Mission. The services under RBSK are to cover all the thirty selected health conditions through their screening, early detection & free management, for children from birth to 18 years of age.

Aegis Consulting Services had a strategic assignment with Government of Andhra Pradesh to develop a web and Mobile based comprehensive application for end to end services of this program. We have successfully deployed this application in record time and now the same is benefiting the department and the beneficiaries to utmost satisfaction. We propose to extend this service to all in the healthcare space. Trust, Hospitals, NGOs, Governments can use this for the benefit of the society at large. The impact of preventive healthcare is best possible through this application.